Blood Becomes Water x Sofia Contemporary 2013

Meanings of Interpretation - Offline and Online Workshop

The 8th issue of Blood Becomes Water: The Revival, takes as a point of departure world classic art heritage, reflecting on the power of images and their role in medieval and religious context to their perception nowadays. Basis of the project is the image and its interpretation, which may extend to destruction.

This idea has been developed in a workshop during Sofia Contemporary Festival 2013, using pictures and text from the archives of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Sofia, where images have been interpreted and reproduced off-line in technique of choice - collage, drawing, typography, photography etc; or on-line through a new version of PSP website made for the workshop with a special library of elemenets cut out from ICA archive. Significant data has been gathered and the results of the participants were published in a zine.

Visuals made during the workshop could be seen on our Tumblr Blog